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Spanish Beach Life

Never been a great fan of the beach, but then again born in the UK in the 60′s going to the beach was vastly different from these days in Spain: bucket & spade, windbreak,...

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Tigra Playing

Up on the roof this morning with Tigra playing what is probably her favourite game, with a cameo from Kasper and Dusky who were having a play as well. Got to laugh at my...

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RSPCA Statement

Following my discussion on FUBAR Radio on 14th August with Jon Gaunt where we discussed the Daily Mail article RSPCA is now destroying half the animals it comes into contact with the RSPCA have...

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Bluetooth Bangle

Smartwear is certainly the current trend, and the smart bangle is the latest attempt to get you to part with your hard earned. Elemoon is a large, LED-laden bracelet that connects to your phone...

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Bluetooth Padlock

I like the look (and idea) of the Noke smart padlock from Fuz Designs which you unlock by first getting near it with an assigned iOS or Android device (with Bluetooth LE), and then...

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Aldi supermarkets in Spain are cheapest in Europe

A price comparison of Aldi supermarkets across the UK, Spain, France and Germany revealed that one supermarket in Spain is the cheapest, and British customers are paying nearly double. Groceries representing a small weekly...

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Hedgehogs’ Deadly Enemy In Your Postbox

Elastic bands may be easily forgotten, but they put local wildlife, such as hedgehogs, in serious danger. We have to stand up to keep these creatures safe! When Royal Mail employees disentangle your newspaper...

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Longest Ride Yet

Longest ride yet: 53.75km, 1,068 calories, average temperature 31.6 degrees! Check out the details below.

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FUBAR Paper Review: 16th August 2014

I will be reviewing the papers this morning with Jon Gaunt on FUBAR Radio at 11.30am (remember you can listen on line or download the app for free, and there is no subscription charge)....

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Spain’s One Trillion € Debt

For the first time ever Government Debt in Spain has reached One Trillion €’s (for the period to June 2014), which means it now stands at 98.4% of GDP (Gross Domestic Product). To all...

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Raleigh Relaunching Chopper

Never had one as a child, was a scrambler (off road) biker, and of course an iconic three geared Raleigh Racer for ‘best’. Apparently they sold 1.5million between 1969 and 1983 and Halfords, which...

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Activity Trackers Monitors Oldies

CarePredict are developing a smartwatch designed to monitor the elderly while maintaining their independence. Called the Tempo it is a wrist-worn sensor that keeps an eye on your activity patterns, and if it spot...