I started this blog in 2006, originally as www.myapplestuff.com, a blog to chart my introduction to the world of Apple after my purchase of a Apple PowerBook (ironically purchased the week they announ...

A Living Nightmare for Baby Seals

It’s been over three weeks since the beginning of the commercial seal slaughter, and the ice floes off the coast of Canada have turned crimson red. The air rings with the terrified cries of the ...

Seals dying. Please help them!

The Canadian ice floes are running red with the blood of young seals who have been barbarically slaughtered. With each minute that passes, more seals are beaten with a hakapik (basically a club with a...
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Happy Birthday Fleur

Fleur aka Office Cat is six (6) years old today. Without doubt she is Moreno’s lady, but she is also very much part of Team Moreno which consists of Moreno, Oscar, and Fleur as they where the tw...