2016-01-12 22.10.21

Happy Birthday Dusky

Dusky aka Little Pud, Roof Cat, Chatter Cat is five (5) years old today, and if we were ever to forget he would no doubt tell us as he is one non stop chatter box! No kidding when he is not asleep (an...
2015-10-15 09.58.47

Happy Birthday Moreno

Moreno is ten (10) today which proves one thing: time flies!!! I have said it before but without him we (Sands and I) would not have set up the ALStrays Re-Homing Project for Cats or the ALStrays Tran...
Sophie's Urn

Remembering Sophie

It is a month today that we lost Sophie to FIP. In many ways it seems like only yesterday that she lost her courageous fight and took her last breath stretched out in her favourite cat bed besides my ...