I started this blog in 2006, originally as www.myapplestuff.com, a blog to chart my introduction to the world of Apple after my purchase of a Apple PowerBook (ironically purchased the week they announ...

Getting Fit(ter)

So today I start getting fitter! Over the last 12 months I have been working hard to try and sort out the various issues this old body has: knee, shoulder, neck, hip and back being the prime victims o...

Introducing Tito

Meet Tito, the latest addition to our family of cats and dogs. He is only three months old and weighs just over 3kg. He was found close to death in a bin in Cadiz. Sands and I had recently decided tha...
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Introducing Marti

Found as a two week old kitten in Almeria this lovely fella had been in three foster homes before he came to us. We were first made aware of him a month or so before we adopted him, as he was living i...

Happy Anniversary Kasper

Is four (4) years since little Kasper joined our gang, the sixth and last cat (hmm….). Since then he has been joined by Teo and Tigra (the Galgos), for far too short a time sweet little Sophie (...
The Cutest face

Happy Birthday Sophie (RIP)

Poor little Sophie would have been one (1) year old today. Is so sad that she isn’t with us and not a day goes by that we don’t miss her. She was such a lovely little girl!

Introducing Tobi

Say hello to Tobi, the latest member of our family. We found him a week ago (21st June 2016) and have decided to keep him. Reda more about him here

EU Referendum

In or Out, Stay or Go, Stick or Bust ….. call it what you want the reality is that whichever way the UK decides on the 23rd June it will be a gamble: if we stay it will be with a re-negotiated a...
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Happy Anniversary Fleur

Six (6) years ago today Sands received a call about an injured cat that was in distress, and so Fleur entered our lives! She had a badly broken back leg, and originally we were going to keep her until...