24 Years And Counting

So another year starts. For me that means another alcohol free month as for the 24th year in a row I have given up booze for the month of January.

Originally it was pretty much a way of shedding the weight put on over the December packed with work functions back in the day when companies didn’t mind the odd boozy lunch, you were allowed a Christmas Tree in the office and meetings didn’t start until 11am during December.

For many a year it has been the catalyst for a fitness drive, and one year it extended into a two year period on the wagon, something I am seriously considering again, although I think I would really struggle these days living in Spain such is the way of life, and my increasing appreciation of a good bottle of wine accompanied by great food and interesting conversation.

To be honest I find it easy not to drink, primarily because we are not big drinkers at home and I just don’t go out in January so avoid temptation.

This year I hope to use the month to establish an exercise routine again, being realistic about my capabilities these days!

And as for New Year Resolutions just one: to concentrate and focus only on the things I want to do!


  1. Chris

    Detoxing for a month has no long term health benefits. Best cutting out the booze for a couple of days each week.

    Squeeze yourself into yor gym kit and hit the road;-)

  2. Wouldn’t call this a detox, I just don’t drink for a month. In general I probably only drink 2 or 3 times a week normally.

    I did a 7 day detox last year which was pretty good.

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