3 Cats and a Feather Duster

Spending half an hour in the morning with the 3 cats and Sands up on the roof is one of my best daily pleasures. We recently got them (the cats NOT Sands, although Sands does seem to like it!) a new feather duster to play with! Oscar as you would expect goes mad and is soon panting, Moreno is happy to step back and let him have the first play, but Saidi has surprised us by climbing the poles as well.

This is their favourite game at the moment!


  1. Very cute vid. Cats are just so cool!!! Mine aren’t the playing kind though. I worry about jumping Oscar… if he landed on that cactus … oowwww. I saw an Animal Planet animal rescue show where a cat had jumped over a retaining wall and landed on / in cactus “garden”. It was horrible!! You couldn’t even tell it was a cat. I’ve never seen anything like it. But they saved him. Forgot how many needles they hand pulled… he was solidly covered. Even in his little mouth. Ohhh, sorry, didn’t mean to ramble on.
    Pets to the cats ya’ll!! ^..^

  2. Love the video of the cats and the feather duster. We are moving nr Almeria from the uk with 2 cats in october

  3. Love it! No wonder they’re so fit! Mine would stay laying & give me a superior stare that clearly says, “We don’t dust.”

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