30lb in 90 Days Challenge

14 August: it is fair to say that I am failing spectacularly with this challenge, but it isn’t all bad news and I am not giving up.

I had badly underestimated how unfit I was, and how much rehab parts of my body would need before I could start exercising. Add in the excessively hot summer we are having and I have yet to start any exercise other than core strengthening and rehab of my knee.

But that’s the good news: my knee is getting stronger and although it stiffens up after the rehab I am growing more and more confident that the issue will be resolved by strengthening the knees and stretching it out.

Food wise I have really cut down in terms of quantity and the range of foods I am eating so I am losing weight slowly and am getting a better idea of which foods I am intolerant to. I feel better in that respect than I have for years.

I have really cut back on the alcohol as well, but probably need a month off totally to stay away from the tapas!

The question then is what next? The challenge is still achievable if I really focus until the end of September. Realistically I can’t see me making it but I am not giving up. Indeed I am more determined than ever to achieve the weight loss and get exercising again, I just think that it may be more realistic to set a Christmas deadline!

Have set myself the challenge of shedding 30lbs over the next 90 days (3 months), and get myself fitter at the same time.

It’s going to be tough as the monthly transports with ALStrays to the UK and Germany are time consuming and not exactly conducive to exercise or healthy eating, but as they are something we plan on continuing for as long as we can this provides a good opportunity to remedy that!

We aren’t running any in August which will make it easier, but with the heatwave we have forecast for the summer exercise is going to be tough, not helped by ongoing issues with my knee. I am planning a daily walk, jog or bike ride and daily pilates.

And then there is the diet! No booze naturally. No crisps, nuts, sweets. No bread. No potatoes. No red meat.

It is going to be tough, and the really harsh part is that even if I succeed I will still be nowhere near the 184lb I weighed when I finished playing football in the US, or the 194lb fighting weight when I was working full time.

I am not going to adopt any specific diets, just cut out certain foods, eat less and exercise more. Each month though I do plan to a) have one day per week when I only drink water and eat fruit, and b) do a one week detox each month.

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  1. Chris, I wish you well.  It’s a great thing to embark on and the best time of the year – at least its not rainy and blowing.  Good Luck

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