5 Facebook Timeline Tips

‘Like’ it or not Facebook’s Timeline is here to stay, well at least for as long as they want us to use it, so rather than bemoan the fact here are five (5) tips that many may find useful to consider.

1. Featured Posts

Something that I ‘Like’ is the ability to hover over a post and click on the star to resize a post and as a result give it more prominence on the Timeline.

In a similar vein if you want to temporarily remove (or hide) a post from your timeline hover as above and click on the pencil icon.

2. Cover Photo

Am surprised how little people have been using the huge amount of retail estate Facebook have provided for the cover photo. As they say “fill this wide, open space with a unique image that represents you best. It’s the first thing people see when they visit your timeline.”

3. Spring Clean Your Content

With the increased visibility and easier search facilitated by the Timeline it is now so much easier for people to find everything you have ever posted, including all those ‘early days’ ones (and drunk night ones), and with more and more employees searching social media to find out more about applicants ……. need I say more!!

Unfortunately Facebook seem determined to hold onto everything that you have ever posted and you have 3 options to consider:

a) review every item ever posted to your wall individually, and set your privacy controls accordingly

b) make all your posts friends-only

c) limit the posts by others on your Timeline

4. Don’t be shy

Have you seen the ‘Life Event’ button on the Status Update bar? Lots and lots of stuff you can tell people about, and you can set privacy settings for the Life Event.

5. You ‘Like’ what!!

The Timeline is all about increased visibility so all your previous ‘Likes’ are now far more visible, just below the Cover Photo.

Probably a good time to go back and make sure that your Timeline reflects what you currently ‘Like’ rather than all those ‘seemed a good idea at the time’.

Personally I ‘Like’ the Timeline, but I am not the biggest Facebook fan or user in the world, although I use it far more than I thought I would.

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