5 Must Have iPhone Travel Apps

There are few things as handy and useful as a good iPhone application. One of the most popular apps out there are the Global Positioning System (GPS) apps, which come in handy for travel directions, searching for locations and even come in handy if you lose your phone- as you can actually track your phone with the app to see where you lost it at. But, the abilities and reach of app goes well beyond that when it comes to travel, here are just a few of the most useful and popular travel apps for iPhones:

1. Hipmunk
This app is a perfect match for the frequent flyer. If you happen to be a frequent air traveler, then you are probably more than aware of the hassles that come with trying to book flights and find out air travel schedules throughout various airports. With this cell app, you can search for flights on the fly and filter them according to location, departure and arrival times, and best of all- cheapest cost. Better yet, there is also a filter called “agony,” which will show you how many layovers there will be on your flight, and how long they will be.

2. HotelPal
This is another great invention that has saved hours and hours of frustration and hopelessness for weary world travelers. This app will allow you to search for hotel vacancies for pretty much every hotel in whatever area you are looking for. The search will filter according to price, availability, check-in/ out times, amenities offered and a bunch of other things.

3. OMaps
OMaps is the map application that is automatically built-in most newer iPhones. It is just a basic map function with GPS capabilities, but its usefulness in travel can not be measured. OMaps needs 3G network access to function, so if you are roaming outside of the United States, then the cost could rack up to crazy amounts. But, the good news is that OMaps allows the user to download any maps before hand, so make sure you do that before you leave the country.

4. Foodspotting
As many a traveler already knows, there are few things as satisfying as a great meal from a different country. Odds are, the food you have in America, even if it is called “Indian” food is nothing like the food that natives eat in India. This is where Foodspotting comes in handy. The app allows you to search for restaurants in whatever area you are in and also shows you pictures of the food, the price range and reviews of the restaurant and the food from other travelers as well as publications.

5. Google Translate
With this app, it is almost as if you do not even have to bother learning a language. Almost! It still helps to have some familiarity with a language, but Google Translate can do the rest for you. The app has more than 50 languages and can translate between more than 57 languages with text displays, and it can even translate via speaking into the phone.

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