A Dry January

Once again I am having a ‘dry’ January i.e. a month off the booze. This will the 25th consecutive year that I have done this, so it is very much a tradition as much as a means of shedding a few lbs and getting a little healthier.

Originally it was very much a necessity after a month of Christmas parties at work etc, but as they are very much a thing of the past it has now tended to become an opportunity to start the year in a quiet and relaxed way.

That is certainly the case this year as I am taking a month away from the <a target=”_blank” href=”http://alstrays.com”>transport business</a> to recharge and spend time with Sands, the cats and the dogs, and I am also reverting back to a healthier and fitter lifestyle (but more on that later).

I have always found it easier to remove temptation than avoid it so for me that means a month not going into a bar, restaurant or cafe so it has the added bonus of saving a bit of cash!


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