A Good Year

Have to admit this was a pleasant enough film considering it had Russel Crowe in it, was based in France and was such a cliche it wasn’t even funny!

I don’t think Crowe suits these sensitive roles, and there is nothing innovative in a story line that goes …… rich, selfish man gets left a property in Frannce, falls in love and becomes a new man blah blah blah …..

But it was pleasant enough, had some good charachters, and great sceneary, and Sands enjoyed it!

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  1. I think your right. Crowe should keep doing what he’s good at, and leave romantic dramas to struggling unkown actors who will throw themselves into the role. Great scenery, though! (When you saw it.) I still don’t understand the “secret wine” part of the plot…

  2. Basically it’s a film about a bloke who does well for himself and clears off to southern europe to live the life of Reilly.

    I’d have thought you’d love that Chris haha :-).

    I really like it, though I agree completely that mr Crowe is totally miscast. Other than that it is a good film. Beautifully filmed, a couple of lovely ladies to admire! Charming story with some good characters.

  3. Put that way …………. BUT he chose France!!!! Yuck 🙁 I mean who wants to live in France!!!!!!!!

    Everything shuts at 9pm for a start, they are a rude nation, and their food is over rated.

    Well in my view anyway 🙂

  4. Hey, I lived in france for a couple of years, my wife is french! They are pretty rude though especially in Paris, and Normandy, but the rest are in my experience ok. The food is great, though the british talk it up to show off to others as it is considered chic over here but it is just normal to the french.

    I couldn’t get used to the trading hours, shops shutting for lunch etc and there being nothing open on bank holidays.

    I like it how stuck up people here use French to show off, when little kids can speak it better. We are a bilingual family so I know!

  5. No offence 🙂 I am sure your wife is the exception.

    I am not a fan of ‘fussy’ food i.e. sauces, cream, rich food etc so I have to say that I find French food as a generalisation too over rated. I love the simplicity of Spanish food, but accept that isn’t to everyone’s tastes.

  6. They also eat a lot of pasta and salads. I’d say they have a really diverse cuisine unlike Italy (now, there’s overrated food for you) where it is all sloppy and full of tomatoes ( I like tomatoes but there’s a limit!!) I don’t know much Spanish food, I imagine it is diverse as there are several different cultures there as in France. I love serrano ham.

    On the subject of spain there’s a series on bbc2 about Spanish art. Very interesting.

    Wasn’t ‘A Good Year’ based on a true story called ‘A Year In Provence’? I think there was a tv serialisation of it though I didn’t see it.

  7. @Jeremy – I’d been wondering about the “Year in Provence” connection too. The original book dates back to 1989 and the subsequent television dramatisation starred Inspector Morse. However, according to the trivia for A Good Year, this film was based on an idea by director Ridley Scott which was then dramatised by Mayle.

  8. I think it was just a ‘coincidence’ that it was set in Provence as well. As I recall the original book and TV series was more about a decision to go and live and write in France?

    Now I like Pasta ……………..

    Spainish food is pretty diverse, and certainly has a well balanced diet, but the truith is that most countries diets tend to be somewhat ‘narrow’.

  9. I looked at Wikipedia’s entry for Peter Mayle. He wrote both “A year in provence” and “A good year”, so there’s the connection! Same writer but different stories. Pretty sad that he is stuck in that genre. Move on!

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