A Living Nightmare for Baby Seals

It’s been over three weeks since the beginning of the commercial seal slaughter, and the ice floes off the coast of Canada have turned crimson red.

The air rings with the terrified cries of the chubby, helpless seal pups who are still too young to flee from the guns and “hakapiks” – thick wooden bats with a sharp metal hook – used by sealers to slaughter these babies before their skin is torn from them.

Since the start of the annual seal massacre, tens of thousands of baby seals have been killed. Please, stand with me today in saying, “No more”.

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Although there is no international market for seal products and there is overwhelming support both at home and abroad for stopping the slaughter, the Canadian government is holding on with all its might, stubbornly continuing to prop up this dying industry with millions in taxpayer funds.

This year, Canadian officials have once again told sealers that they will be allowed to kill up to 400,000 young harp seals before the massacre ends. But in recent years, the sealers haven’t reached their annual quota because kind people around the world, including Canadians, have taken action against the slaughter. PETA and our international affiliates have worked hard, and the global market for sealskins has almost entirely disappeared – even attempts to sell seal products in China have fallen flat. The market shows no sign of recovering, leaving the skins of most of the animals killed last year sitting in warehouses unsold.

In addition to existing bans in the US and Russia, the EU’s ban on commercial seal products has withstood multiple challenges from the Canadian government, which is fighting hard to foist off a bloody product that no one wants and most people find repulsive. And yet the Canadian government, alone in the world, props up the seal slaughter.

The battle to end this massacre will be won, but how soon that victory occurs depends on the support of compassionate people like you – and thousands of baby seals could die in the meantime. Please donate to PETA right now and help power our vital work for seals and other animals who need us.

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