A Swiss Zoo is Killing Its Healthy Animals

A wildlife park in Switzerland is killing healthy animals and serving them in its restaurant. We have to stop this disturbing practice.

Langenberg Wildlife Park in Switzerland has a shocking “solution” when too many new animals are born in the park – the surplus populations are killed for human consumption. In 2012, 49 deer and 10 boar were shot and served at the park’s restaurant.

Click here to sign a petition demanding that Langenberg Wildlife Park stop killing healthy animals.

It is cruel and inhumane for a park dedicated to preserving animals in their natural habitat to kill them simply because of space restrictions. Excess animals are a common problem for places like zoos and wildlife parks that breed in captivity.

Wildlife parks like Langenberg should commit to considering the lifetime care and needs of all offspring produced in their facilities.

It’s up to us to convince park officials to stop killing healthy deer and boar. They won’t stop this unethical practice unless they hear from enough people demanding a better solution, such as relocating the surplus animals to a wildlife refuge.

Tell Langenberg Wildlife Park to stop killing healthy animals and serving them in its restaurant!

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