A Vegetarian Month

Today I am starting a month eating only vegetarian food. I am not expecting it to be that hard to be honest as my regular diet comprises a lot of vegetarian food, and I am not ‘that fussed’ about meat these days.

We do eat a lot of chicken, but mainly for convenience, and fish, but not so much that I am expecting a tough time.

I don’t have a specific reason for doing this: the more time I spend transporting rescued animals the more I think about the whole ‘killing animals to eat’ thing. On one hand it is easy to see that it would be a lot better for the animals, especially when you look at some of the horror stories or how they are kept. On the other hand a life being well fed and looked after, a quick, pain free (hopefully) death, and being of value and use after you are gone is more than us humans get!

I gave up eating ‘young’ meat, fish and chicken a long time ago (not that easy in Spain), but I am not convinced I want to give up eating meat all together.

I do need to sort out my lingering food allergies and hopefully this will help, although I know that nuts and certain pulses don’t agree with me.

I suppose my main concern is that as neither Sands are I are at all focused on preparing food I am not sure what we will eat but I am going to base the diet around pasta (Quorn Spag Bol, Quorn Lasagne, Garlic & Chilli Pasta, Spicy Olive and Tomato), rice (risottos, paella), salads, vegetable curry, bean chilli etc

Those are all meals that I eat regularly.

Alcohol? Going to limit myself to no more than three glasses of wine or 3 small beers, twice a week: and of course with vegetarian tapas.

Anything else? I am going to have a really big effort to lose weight: no bread, no crisps, no potatoes, no nuts, no sweets, no chocolate.

I am driving back from the UK to Spain today and tomorrow so that will be tough regards sticking to no bread, sweets, chocolate etc but I have stocked up on M&S salads and vegetarian snacks, and I am leaving again to drive from Spain to the UK on the 31st May, but by then I am assuming I will be used to the diet!I will let you know how it goes.

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