A (Very) Short Jog

Went for a (very) short jog this morning, the second one this year, and it reminded me that my old body just wasn’t built for running, and it certainly isn’t in very good shape these days.

I have never been a great runner, but back in 2007 I ran 20km to raise money for our ALStrays project, and it is more than a tad embarrassing that I have probably not run a combined 20km since!

At the moment I need to take it easy on my knee, which is getting much better, although my right hip is suffering a little as a result: as my left knee is getting stronger (and therefore straighter) the right hip is getting realigned as well (as it has been compensating for the knee), but I am going to set myself the target of running another 20km.

Am not sure when as I need to take it gently, but hopefully this year!

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