Activity Trackers Monitors Oldies

CarePredict are developing a smartwatch designed to monitor the elderly while maintaining their independence.

Called the Tempo it is a wrist-worn sensor that keeps an eye on your activity patterns, and if it spot an anomaly, raises an alarm.

It works by mapping out a general schedule of the day, and observing changes like an unusual mid-day nap or if someone has remained still in one room for too long. It’ll even observe trends over a much longer period of time, so if someone’s walking pace slows over a couple of weeks, you’ll be able to see it and address any underlying issues.

The hardware comes in four parts: along with the watch, you’ll need a wireless charging plate, room beacons to help the Tempo orient itself and a wall-mounted communications hub. It’s from the latter of that group that the data will be pushed to the cloud, enabling families and others to keep an eye on their parents while at work or on holiday. Source

Not ready to launch yet the company are seeking crowdfunding to bring it to the masses: 170€ will get you a sensor, 4 room beacons and 3 months monitoring.

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