AM Micro intros Hi-Gain Wireless-G Dish Network Adapter for the Mac

It’s nice to see some technology directed at Mac users during CES. AM Micro has introduced the HWU8DDA, which is the Hi-Gain Wireless-G Dish Network Adapter for a Mac user and will allow you to connect your Mac to any Wireless-B, Wireless-G, or Wireless-N network by USB.

The Hi-Gain directional dish will pick up the strongest signal in the area, and at the same time extends the connection distance by up to 300%. Costing around $138.00, the package includes a CD, USB cable, manual, Hi-Gain Wireless-G USB Network Adapter and installation guide but unfortunately no handy excuses to give when you are caught ‘borrowing’ someone else’s wireless network!

Via [Pocket Lint]

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