Android To Mac Syncing

Have been really tempted recently to look at the Samsung 11.6 Tablet. Had hoped that it would have been announced around the same time as the new iPad but I read today that it is months rather than weeks away.

I have decided thought that I wont be getting one! I have sent the last three or four days getting more and more frustrated trying to sync a Galaxy S 5.0 Tab and a Galaxy S II phone to my Mac.

I wont go into detail but basically it is all but impossible to get one application to do it all, with tasks in particular being a problem. Both Missing Sync and SyncMate have been used and discarded. I got both to work partially, but both proved very temperamental and unreliable and eventually stopped working!

The only application that has worked all the time has been SmoothSync for Cloud, but that isn’t a complete solution for calendar, address book, and tasks.

Shame as I have really been impressed with the Samsung technology we have bought recently: Smart TV, Galaxy S and Galaxy S II but as all our date and work evolves around the Mac’s it would just bee too time consuming, frustrating and unreliable to go with the 11.6

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  1. I have to say being a Gmail user syncing is seamless, ‘push’ and pretty fab actually to OS X. As soon as I update a contact or calendar appointment on my phone or Android tablet it all appears in my Google account in the cloud in seconds, and visa versa. Google Calendar and Contacts seem to sync no problem with OSX Address book and iCal too. Quite why anyone would want to use a third party app these days eludes me, we tend to overlook the blindly obvious these days at times, i know I do.

    The really awesome bit for was changing phone are weeks back as within about 20 minutes everything getting push to my phone blackberry style. I spoke to a small company the other day who now host their domain with Google and chucked Exchange out letting Google doing it all for them, saves them thousands.

    I was a bit worried being an apple fan boy that syncing would be an issue when I bought the Android tablet, especially being as I use iTunes for podcast etc. But apps like isyncr wifi means I can sync iTunes my Android devices automatically over WiFI, it even grabs my photos from the camera folder at the same time..so so simple and clever !

    It’s not hard to see why Steve Jobs wanted to bury Android…..

  2. When you say ‘cloud’ do you mean iCloud or have you “just” set up iCal to sync with your GMail account?

    I was very impressed how the Samsung picked up apps from my gmail account – I had been playing with the 5.0 tab before I bought the S II.

    Have you fixed syncing reminders with gTasks or what do you use?

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