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I used Skribit briefly early in 2008 and although I really liked the concept I don’t really get to grips with it, and the readers of the blog certainly didn’t find it particularly easy or useful.

Partly that was my fault as I didn’t set it to allow anonymous voting (which I still don’t like the idea of but see as a necessary function of the application).

I have followed what Paul and his partners have been doing with the application though and like the New Skribit Suggestion emails that are generated, and the lightbox widget that is now on the site is pretty cool. They have done a lot in a short time and got some great press coverage since getting initial funding and now that Paul has graduated and will be working on Skribit full time I am intrigued as to where it will go.

I am a firm believer that the content of the blog is the responsibility of the blogger and am not convinced that Skribit should be used to remove writers bloc, or blogging laziness in my case, but I do see it a very useful tool for gauging potential reaction to an article, sounding out a subject, or as I am tending to use it at the moment as a aid memoir for future content. Of course getting some suggestions about subjects, applications or ideas that would make great content can’t do the blogger any harm either!!!

Reading through the comments on the original post I did I notice that a number of people suggested a vote for and vote against option. I haven’t seen anything about this in the stuff I have read about Skribit recently, but now I am back using it hopefully you will find it useful and keep the suggestions coming, both for this blog and for Paul! I am not sure the ‘vote against’ would work to be honest as I think the objective is to gauge interest so no vote = no interest, rather than to give power to the reader to actually block or vote down a subject. Need to think that one through a bit more!!!

Anyway the plan is to use it throughout 2009 and blog about using it and to follow how Paul and his colleagues progress with the application.

2 thoughts on “Back Using Skribit

  1. Jason

    Hi, great blog! I also use Skribit. How did you get that nice ‘suggestions’ tab? I use wordpress and have there plugin. THANKS

  2. Chris Marshall Post author

    Glad you like it.

    Paul sent me the code for the tab. I know he reads the blog but I have emailed him as well for you 🙂

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