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Ban Canned Lion Hunting in South Africa

Canned lion hunting is one of the cruelest forms of trophy hunting. Lions are bred in captivity and newborn cubs are taken from their mothers to be reared by hand. They are handled frequently, often by unsuspecting tourists and volunteers, and consequently show little or no fear of humans. When they are a few years old, they are locked up in a fenced hunting area, drugged, baited with food, and killed by hunters for their “trophy”.

All canned hunting needs to be banned.

Anyone can hunt a lion in South Africa even without a license. This means that many lions are shot multiple times before they die a slow and agonizing death. Sometimes hunters even choose to kill the lion with a bow and arrow. A thousand lions are killed this way each year — that’s suffering multiplied a thousand times for these kings of the jungle.

Around 6,000 lions are currently held on 200 breeding farms in South Africa. Sign this petition to call on the South African authorities to stop this barbaric “sport”.

Together we can oppose the powerful lobby of the lion breeders and ban canned lion hunting for good.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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