Ban Cruel Horse Carriages in Petropolis, Brazil!

Thanks to the World Cup, all eyes are on Brazil’s major cities. But just 70 kilometres north of Rio, in a city called Petropolis, the plight of carriage horses has still gone mostly unnoticed by the international media.

For carriage horses in Petropolis, Brazil, the city’s storied past and lush greenery means nothing. Instead, these animals’ lives are frequently filled with hunger, pain and neglect. Many are even abandoned to starve or killed outright when they are no longer able to work.

The horses usually pull carriages for tourists, who are either unaware of the cruelty surrounding the practice or just downright apathetic about it. According to local activists, these animals are often poorly treated and malnourished — they are so thin that their ribs are clearly visible, and they suffer from cuts that become infected and do not heal properly.

Even the ones who are fed decently are still forced to stand in the hot sun for hours on end, surrounded by clouds of flies as they tow peopl e around the street for their owners’ profit.

This inhumane, outdated form of entertainment does not belong in the streets of Petropolis. Now that the whole world is watching Brazil, this is the perfect time to draw their attention to the abuses taking place just an hour’s drive from Rio.

Sign the petition to put pressure on the mayor of Petropolis to ban horse carriages within the city!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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