Ban the Use of Live Ponies for Carousel Rides

Most people probably think of carousel rides as a low-stress, fun carnival game where kids (and adults) can sit on plastic horses and listen to circus music. But in Spanish fairgrounds, the horses that are being ridden around in a circle aren’t made of metal and paint — they’re real. And their lives are desperately unhappy.

In the rides, the ponies are all tied to a rotating metal arm and forced to walk in a circle, usually carrying screaming children on their backs. They can’t graze. They can’t drink water at will. They can’t do anything that horses or ponies normally do.

Instead, they’re stuck trudging in a circle for hours on end, with loud music blaring in their ears and an unfamiliar child kicking them in the sides or pulling their ears. Some ponies even go de af as a result.

Ponies are intelligent, playful creatures who deserve better than being trapped in a neverending carnival ride. Ask Spain to ban the use of live ponies in carousels!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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