BBC threatens to make iPlayer users pay licence fee

I see that dear old Auntie is proving yet again how outdated the concept of a license fee is in the modern technological aid where people now have multiple options as to how they watch TV.

Viewers who avoid the licence fee by only watching catch-up shows on iPlayer could have to pay up, the BBC’s director general warned yesterday.

Lord Hall’s comments come amid growing concerns that younger viewers are using free catch-up services to dodge the £145.50 annual charge. He insisted that the licence fee has ‘plenty of life yet’ but admitted it could be changed.

Currently, a loophole means viewers who only watch catch-up shows instead of on TV as they are broadcast do not have to pay the licence fee.

Lord Hall said: ‘It could be modernised again so it applies to watching BBC programmes both live and on iPlayer. This is for the Government to decide, but worth considering.’

Source: Daily Mail

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