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Bicycle number plates demanded to stop rogue riders

As a cyclist I have no issue at all with the article in The Times saying that cyclists should wear identification similar to car number plates to help curb misbehaviour, according to a police commissioner.

I tend to agree with safety campaigners about the practicality of such a measure, but in general paying a bike tax to use the road and be identified as ‘legal’ holds no issues for me.

Of course it would be necessary for the money raised to be used on repairing the sides of the roads that cyclists tend to use: the pot holes around drains, the discarded litter, the small (and not so small stones) forced to the side by cars and lorries etc etc

No issue either with the Times article: Company drivers need safety training to cut cycle deaths.

It is good to see more attention been given to cyclists by the mainstream media. There are some extremely bad cyclists, just as there are drivers, on the roads. It is wrong to assume (and act) as if all cyclists are bad though, and that is something which seems to be a popular misconception/easy target for journalists that are too lazy to a) think for themselves and b) to actually get on a bike and experience life from the other side!

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  1. I’d have an issue with paying road tax for a bike as I’m going to have to only have a bike when I retire as my pension won’t support any other kind of vehicle. If I had to buy road tax as well, I wouldn’t be able to afford that either!

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