Born in 1963 in Yorkshire, England I was educated in the UK and USA ending up somehow with a BA (Hons) Economics (Lanchester Polytechnic) and a MSc Information Systems Design and Management (Kingston University).

I have lived and worked in the UK, USA and Spain before settling down in Almerimar, Spain in 2003, where I spend my time playing with the cats, walking the dogs, trying to keep fit & healthy and along with Sands (we married in 1992) running ALStrays the cat re-homing and transport project we have set up, which also transports cats & dogs to the UK and throughout Europe.

The site was originally called MyAppleStuff and I reviewed all things Mac but over the years I have reduced the writing, blogging, affiliate marketing activities etc and now the blog is very much a part time hobby, with absolutely no interest in trying to make money out of it.

The views expressed are mine and mine alone – I am happy to share them with you, and I am happy to hear back from you on any subject!



Married in 1992, Sandra is the island of sanity in my world. She has a tolerance towards me that is beyond belief. Happily she enjoys the use of technology but isn’t a ‘techy’ by any stretch of the imagination!

She is really into fitness and health, although her main interest is in helping re-home the stray and abandoned cats locally, and she does a tremendous job with ALStrays.

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