Bluetooth Bangle

Smartwear is certainly the current trend, and the smart bangle is the latest attempt to get you to part with your hard earned.

Elemoon is a large, LED-laden bracelet that connects to your phone via Bluetooth – it’s designed to straddle the line between fashionable and functional, with a heavy lean on the former. The device doesn’t have a display as such, but can use a small grid of multicolored LEDs to display custom, low resolution notification icons.

A pledge of $200 buys a single Elemoon bracelet, but the device’s function doesn’t seem particularly robust. Aside from icon-based call and message notifications, the bangle can be used to find your phone (rubbing it causes the device to ring) and, well, match your clothes. Engadget

Really don’t see the point of this? Fun? Yes but at that price are mush better ways of having fun for $200

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