Britain: Protect Endangered Animals Overseas!

The UK has a responsibility to protect the endangered species and threatened habitats in its overseas territories. But right now, the government has only allocated 0.3 percent of its biodiversity conservation budget toward saving them.

Protecting endangered species in the United Kingdom itself is certainly important. But the 14 overseas territories for which the UK is responsible contain more than 500 globally threatened species as well as habitats that have never been disturbed by humans.

They also contain huge tracts of ocean, hundreds of acres of coral forests, and a polar wilderness six times the size of the UK. In the face of all that wonder, the scant amount of money being put toward their protection seems baffling.

MPs have said that these territories face “immediate and significant threats” from invasive species, under-regulated development and climate change. And if we don’t save them, no one will.

Tell the government to take action in protecting the wildlife and environment of Britain’s territories!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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