British Columbia: Ban grizzly bear hunting!

Although 90 percent of people in British Columbia, Canada oppose it, the government still allows trophy hunting for grizzly bears. That means that these at-risk bears are shot and killed just for sport.

Sign the Care2 petition today urging the government of B.C. to ban hunting of grizzly bears!

The number of grizzly bears in B.C. has dropped drastically from about 35,000 grizzlies at the turn of the century to as low as 6,000 today. That’s why they have been listed as a species of special concern by Canada’s endangered wildlife committee.

These bears don’t deserve to be hunted and killed for a trophy but they have become a coveted prize for recreational hunters. And they don’t qualify for national conservation measures.

Hunters are pushing hard to cut back on rules regarding hunting grizzlies, so government officials need to hear from us too. Let’s demand that B.C. protect grizzly bears and ban trophy hunting!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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