Bucks County Show: stop promoting fox hunting!

Bucks County Show has been running over 140 years and has become an iconic event for Bucks, its residents and those who travel from other counties. However, they continue to support fox hunting by inviting the local hunt each year to carry out demonstrations. This is actively supporting and encouraging this barbaric bloodsport.

Sign Katie’s petition now to tell Bucks County Show to cancel the hunting dog performances at its event next week.

Petition author Katie says,

“With an overwhelming majority of the public believing [fox hunting] to be completely barbaric and unnecessary, I and several others have approached the organisers of Bucks County Show and asked them to explain why they feel it’s justified to have the local hunt present.

The organisers said that the committee would consider our comments after the show. This is unacceptable.”

After the show, they will have already actively supported cruelty. The promotion of fox hunting through performances and displays of hunting dogs must be cancelled before the Bucks County Show begins on Thursday 27th August 2015.

Please join Care2 members in voicing your disapproval of the local hunt with dogs being present at Bucks County Show 2015 and in all future shows. It’s time the majority were heard and fox hunting was treated with the contempt it deserves.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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