Call This Tracking!!

Take a look at the screen shot below! I ordered something three weeks ago from a company in UK who decided to use UK Mail to deliver to Spain. Shipment was held up at Customs who wanted evidence of address here in Spain which was provided, but they decided to return the product to the UK.

Company said would ship another product without waiting for original to be returned which was good of them, but they shipped it on the 18th October, with a delivery of 26th October.

Hasn’t arrived, the tracking information on their site is to be polite CRAP, and when the company asked them for an update all they said was that they has asked the International Partner to get in touch, and that they had 24 hours to do so!! At this moment in time they can’t even tell me where the parcel is in Spain, never mind when it will be delivered, not least because UK Mail have no means it seems of asking the courier they are using here what is going on!

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  1. Hello.

    I have ordered ski boots from a UK shop. I would like to know if you solved this issue and how.
    Thank you!!!

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