Can Animals Count on Your Help in 2016?

The driving force behind everything PETA accomplishes for animals – from preventing thousands from suffering in deadly experiments to persuading retailers to end the sale of fur and angora wool – is the compassion and commitment of PETA members.

Will you help us win more victories for animals in 2016 by becoming a PETA member right now?

Your 2016 membership donation will boost our efforts to protect the right of all animals to live free from misery, abuse and fear – including:

gentle sheep who will be mutilated, abused and perhaps even skinned alive for wool sweaters and scarves
frightened dogs condemned to horrific experiments in which they may be poisoned, crippled or mutilated
sensitive young pigs confined with thousands of others to a monstrous farm before being killed for chops or bacon
With your help, PETA will make more landmark progress for sheep, dog, pigs and other animals who are at this moment enduring intense suffering for the most trivial of human interests.

We do all we can to stop cruelty to animals wherever it may occur, but our vital work must have the continued support of each and every PETA member. Please commit to helping animals by making a generous membership gift today.

Our track record during the last year shows that we’ll put your gift to good use. Less than 24 hours after we kicked off our campaign to rid Benetton of angora wool – often made from hair torn from the skin of rabbits on Chinese farms – the international retailer bowed to our pressure and banned angora in all its approximately 6,000 stores worldwide. Through our membership in the PETA International Science Consortium Ltd., we helped annul an ECHA decision that would have required tests on 1,300 animals – setting a precedent for all existing data to be considered before conducting new animal tests and potentially keeping millions from suffering in deadly experiments.

And together, we see tremendous progress for animals almost every single day. As 2015 drew to a close, Kikkoman – the popular soy sauce company – ended its cruel and deadly experiments on animals. The power of more than 100,000 e-mails generated through the websites of PETA and our international affiliates helped persuade the company to implement its new policy, a change in direction that ends 15 years of cruel animal tests.

But so long as dogs are still condemned to terrifying experiments, pigs are abused and killed for their flesh, and rabbits endure a life of cruelty, pain and suffering on angora farms, we must do more.

You can donate to PETA here

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