Christmas Movies

Tried to watch a few movies over the Christmas period. I say ‘tried’ as I have never really been a huge movie fan (I get distracted or lose interest very quickly), with the cats and dogs it isn’t always easy to get a couple of uninterrupted hours, but mostly because most of them were just rubbish!

So of the ones that I watched, or tried to watch, here is a list of the good, the bad, and the ugly (see what I did there!)

The Good
War Horse: a surprising one this as I fully expected it to be more graphical and upsetting regards the way the horses were treated during WWI, but what they did show was done well, and within the needs of the film.
Zero Dark Thirty: another film based on a true story, this time the tracking down and capture of Bin Laden. Was expecting an OTT ‘rar rar’ USA is the best film and it certainly wasn’t that.
The Full Monty: what can I say, the old ones sometimes are the best. Is years since I watched it, so there was an element of nostalgia both for the film and the period in time it was filmed but if has some genuinely funny bits and is well acted by everyone.
Love Actually: a Christmas tradition for Sands, I don’t always watch it, but as I was confined to the sofa with a cough & cold I had little choice and I must say it is a good film. Does exactly what you expect from it. Is easy to watch, and again well acted by everyone.

The Bad
A Good Day To Die Hard: they say you can’t treat and old dog new tricks, but there comes a time when an old dog can’t do it’s old tricks and needs to be put out of their misery – this franchise reached that at number 4 and number 5 was truly bad!
New Years Eve: Sands liked it but I thought it was just an excuse to throw some well know faces at us in a cheap and not particularly well thought out way.

The Ugly
Iron Man Three:it may be one of the top grossing films of all time but I got 15 minutes into it and realised I couldn’t remember the last 10 mins so turned it off. I enjoyed 1 and 2, but it seemed to me that 3 had lost the plot.

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