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Clever Files

Is a while since I posted anything on this site! Partly because I still see it very much as my ‘technology’ site having ported a lot of my day to day stuff over to the Almerimar Life Site, but basically because I can’t recall the last time I added a new application to my Mac set up!

That’s right I think I went the whole of last year without adding one new application, other than ones related to the iPad like Team Viewer, Air Display etc.

Anyway I have been having a bit of a tidy up of the old office to accommodate all the Macs as we want a combined office and audio studio now that we are doing more radio programs, so while I was at it I decided to ‘sort out’ all the Mac’s – all 5 of them!

Wanted to have them set up for more specific tasks rather than all being able to ‘do everything’, and that involved moving a lot of data round, with the added complications of a couple of hard drive crashes along the way.

Someone had recommended Clever Files, the free (while in Beta) Mac data recovery software, so I figured that I may as well grab a copy as a ‘safety net’ before I started messing around with all the data.

Cool decision!

  • Unique Recovery Vault technology to help you prevent data loss
  • Recover data from HFS/HFS+/FAT/NTFS and other file systems
  • Deep scanning for low-level data recovery
  • Recover all types of files
  • Recover data from internal & external hard drives & other media
  • Designed natively for Mac

“Disk Drill is the only true Mac-style software for data recovery and data protection. And it’s exactly what I was looking for” Graham Jones

Key Features

Hard Drive Recovery
Recover data on any hard drive right on your Mac: internal and external (USB, FireWire, eSATA) hard drives are supported.

File Recovery for Mac
Disk Drill Mac recovery software finds deleted or damaged files, recovers file data with deep scan or undeletes files with quick scan.

Recover Memory Card
Insert any memory card or USB drive into your Mac directly or using a card reader, scan it with Disk Drill & recover any deleted data.

Partition Recovery
Accidental repartitioning lead to data loss? Recover data from partitioned or formatted disk drives right on your Mac.

Mac Photo Recovery
Recover lost or deleted data like photos or music after you empty trash on your Mac. Disk Drill recovers just deleted photos or those you deleted long ago (if they were not overwritten).

Any media supported
Recover deleted & lost music, videos, podcasts & other data from any media you can mount to your Mac, no matter which file system it has.

Well worth taking a look.

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  1. Terrible annoying app. Do not download! The free version only shows the files you can recover with the PAID version. AND, it is not trivial to remove the software. Removing it using the way they suggest on their website only tells you “there is nothing to remove”… not very helpful.. Again; do not download!

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