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Concentrating On Christmas Now

Has been an interesting last couple of days what with the Sky TV interview and setting up a new iMac and MacBook for my parents, but now I am going to shut down and concentrate on Christmas!

My parents are out picking up some stuff, Sands is finishing off the cake, and I am doing some last minute posting!!! After that I get to make the stuffing for the Turkey (pork & chestnut), prepare the pigs in their blankets (wrap bacon around the sausages), and prepare the veg. Then I get to eat some home made mince pies that my mum will be baking this afternoon.

So for now it is on with the Christmas Music (iTunes streamed to the B&O and controlled via Remote on the iPhone of course), off with the Mac’s (well that is what I am telling Sands but I will keep an eye on things I am sure), and time to concentrate on a family Christmas.

Whatever you and yours are doing have a great time!!!! Thanks for reading the blog, and see you after Christmas.

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