DCS-2332L Outdoor HD Wireless Day/Night Cloud Camera

Have been using the DCS-2332L Outdoor HD Wireless Day/Night Cloud Camera and thought yesterday that it was about time I posted about it, then it started to rain so I thought I would wait and see how it handled what turned out to be a pretty big storm.

It is certainly waterproof and stayed on line throughout so as far as being an Outdoor Cloud Camera (which I guess is new name for Webcam) it is very impressive.

With regard to setting it up, again that was really easy (even on the Mac) with a couple of simple steps via the provided CD. You do need to set it up via an Ethernet cable, but after that you are WiFi enabled, and if like me you have boosters around the place (I have one to get a stronger signal to our roof for example) then you can set it up for a specific router/network very easily.

Only issue I have is that I can’t configure the Pan/Tilt but that could well be me, or the lack of IE. I am not actually bothered as the position of the camera for me doesn’t require it.

Quality both of the unit and the image is excellent, although if you think you will see ‘night vision’ quality at night you are wrong. It gives an adequate black and white image (great colour during the day), but all the important stuff like recording to SD, motion detection is excellent.

Monitoring is done via MyDlink via the web and a good Android (iOS) application so no issues with that. A dedicated desktop application would be nice but I am trying to be as web based as possible so I have avoided searching, but I suspect that for monitoring to have a window always open would make sense so I will no doubt be off searching soon.

At the moment I have one as wanted to test but will be setting up a few more for security/pet watch and general fun and it looks like it will be easy to monitor a number of cameras at the same time. The Android application in landscape has an option to show multiple cameras which looks fun.

Overall very happy and well worth a look if you interested in a Cloud Camera

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