Demand a forest corridor for the red squirrels of Loch Ness

Red squirrels are endangered in the United Kingdom and are a protected animal. They are now barely present in England, mainly due to loss of habitat and disease. Scotland is a stronghold for the red squirrel with trees that favour them over the grey squirrel, so their forest homes in Scotland must be protected or they will be wiped out.

Care2 member Amanda says that the Scottish Forestry Commission have brought forward their plans for more clear felling in Invermoriston by 20 years, and she is asking that they leave a forest corridor for the red squirrels so that they don’t die.

“They have already felled three large areas around the village and have not yet replanted any trees. They propose to continue the clear felling which will leave the populations of red squirrels and pine martins no suitable habitat here,” says Amanda.

We know you care about British Wildlife. Please sign Amanda’s petition now to ask the Scottish Forestry Commission to protect the red squirrels of Loch Ness. Over 84,000 people have already signed. Can we make it 100,000 to show them how much we care?

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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