Demand better treatment for animals like Rafael

The images of Rafael are absolutely heartbreaking. Noticeably malnourished, Rafael’s ribs are visible through his skin. He’s covered in open sores, because he has been harnessed to a carriage day and night and forced to walk for hours without a break. His owner was brutally beating him in the middle of a busy street, and a kind samaritan finally stepped in.

Rafael is just one of many “beasts of burden”—horses, burros, and mules that are used for labor. These innocent animals are often starved, and placed in dangerous labor conditions: the cart Rafael was harnessed to was decrepit, and posed a threat to everyone on the busy road he was on.

We are targeting the mayor of Juarez, Mexico, to demand that laws are put in place to protect these animals. Will you join us?

At the very least, these animals deserve adequate food, water, and break time. Additionally, we’re demanding humane harnesses and carts for labor animals.

You would not stand by and watch a human being mistreated like this. Please take action today and protect animals around the world.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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