Do you know an Animal Action hero?

Last October, IFAW honoured the achievements of 10 award winners for their outstanding work to help animals. We presented the awards at a prestigious ceremony at the House of Lords hosted by Baroness Gale and naturalist and broadcaster Bill Oddie.

Last year’s winners included:

Elizabeth McDonagh, from Cumbria, who offers refuge to the pets of terminally ill people going into hospice care who can no longer look after their animals at home.
Niall Lester, from London, who rescues “death row” stray dogs and cares for them at home until long-term care or new homes can be found.
Helen Pringle, from Hertfordshire, who devotes her spare time to saving injured wildlife from frogs to hedgehogs, as well as treating rescued dogs.
Barbara Mladek, known as “Mama Hen” from County Down, Northern Ireland, who rescues and rehomes thousands of battery and commercially farmed hens.
We’re also looking for an animal award winner. Last year we gave an Animal Bravery Award to Geo, a young German shepherd-collie cross dog who suffered horrific injuries when he pushed 10-year-old owner Charlie Riley, from Essex, out of the path of a runaway lorry. Geo took the full impact of the collision himself. Despite suffering a broken back, shattered legs and damaged lungs in the crash, Geo pulled through and his proud owners declared him a hero for saving Charlie’s life.

We invite you to submit nominations for people you believe have made a significant contribution to animal welfare for our 2014 awards. We’re looking for UK-based heroes, perhaps someone who runs a sanctuary or rescue centre, a volunteer or fundraiser who would be suitable for our youth award, a campaigner on animal or conservation issues, or an animal that you think is deserving of an award and recognition.

The 2014 Animal Action Awards will be presented in October. Please ensure that you get your nomination in by June 30.

Help us find this year’s winners. Nominate your Animal Action Award hero today!

You can nominate on the IFAW site here

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