Don’t Bring SeaWorld to Dubai!

Granny the killer whale is estimated to be 104 years old! She’s been living with her community in the waters off the Washington/Canada coast since before the Titanic met that iceberg. But if SeaWorld gets their way, more killer whales will have to know horrible, shortened lives in captivity. Sign Melanie’s Care2 petition urging Dubai to say NO to SeaWorld and more captive killer whales!
Imagine, for over a century, Granny has lived with her pod, swimming as much as 100 miles a day, hunting schools of salmon together, and raising her calves, grandcalves, and great grandcalves. SeaWorld’s whales face a far different fate. Killer whales survive an average of 4.5 years in captivity, and most die by the time they are in their 20s.

Care2 member Melanie B. was inspired by the whales that live around her in Western Washington, and horrified by the conditions that SeaWorld’s captive whales are forced to endure. Collapsed dorsal fins, endlessly swimming in circles, medicated to keep them from harming themselves, their keepers or other whales – all in an area the relative size of a hot tub!

When she heard that SeaWorld was negotiating a multi-park development in the Middle East, she had to do something to keep any more amazing marine mammals from such terrible lives. Please sign Melanie’s petition to urge Dubai to say NO to SeaWorld!

If enough of us speak up, we can convince Dubai that killer whales deserve to live their lives like Granny: wild, free, and together with their families – not medicated, traumatised and alone.

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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