Don’t Destroy Wildlife Habitat in Bassetlaw!

The woodlands around Bassetlaw in Nottinghamshire are home to badgers, woodpeckers and foxes, along with other native animals. But those creatures are being put in danger by a new development.

Every year, the habitats for Britain’s native wildlife get smaller and smaller. Yet that hasn’t stopped local councils from approving enormous construction projects that could put those animals in even further danger.

Take Bassetlaw, for example, which is a largely rural area in Nottinghamshire. The countryside is a haven for badgers, woodpeckers and foxes, along with other animals. But Bassetlaw District Council is building a sprawling neighbourhood that will drive those creatures from their homes and destroy an enormous part of the landscape.

The sprawling neighbourhood, which officials are calling “Gateford North,” will include 670 new houses, a primary school, and community facilities. It will also be built right next to the local woodlands — putting even the wildlife who were initially spared by the bulldozers and tractors under stress from increased human contact.

The comment period to Bassetlaw District Council is still open. Ask councilmembers to stop putting profits over wildlife!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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