Don’t Give This Animal-killer a TV Show!

A teenager named Kendall Jones hunts animals for sport all over the world, including endangered ones. But instead of being punished or discouraged, she’s getting her own TV show.

The first animal Kendall Jones killed was a white rhino, which she murdered with a Remington rifle. Since then, the 19-year-old Texan has slaughtered leopards, lions, springboks, zebras and hippos. And until very recently, she’s posted cheerful photos of herself posing next to their fresh corpses on her Facebook page.

After public outcry, Facebook finally removed Jones’ gruesome photos from its site. But now Kendall Jones has reportedly been offered a television show on the Sportsman Channel.

Many of the animals Jones is slaughtering are endangered. Offering her a television show will only hurt conservation efforts and encourage her to keep up the slaughter. It may also inspire copycats, who want to attract attention and fame of their own.

It’s not enough that Facebook finally pulled Jones’ gruesome pictures. We have to put the pressu re on broadcast providers to refuse to glorify this horrific display of cruelty and sadism.

Ask DirecTV, Comcast and DISH Network not to air any show featuring Kendall Jones’ big game hunts!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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