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Don’t Revoke Ban on Bee-Killing Pesticide!

The world’s bees are dying out, and many scientists think neonicotinoid pesticides are to blame. The EU banned them, but now the UK might grant one huge pesticide company an exception.

The world’s bees are in trouble. Over the last decade, bee populations all over the planet have plummeted in an epidemic called “colony collapse disorder.” And because bees pollinate so many of our nuts, fruits and vegetables, if the bees are in danger, so are we. That’s why it’s so important that we ban the poisons that may be killing them off.

Many scientists think the cause of the mass bee death is the prevalence of neonicotinoid pesticides, which shut down the nervous system of any insect eating the plant. Those toxins can sneak into pollen and nectar, where they disorient and effectively mute the bees that come into contact with them.

To stop the collapse of bee populations, Europe banned the use of these pesticides. But a pesticide manufacturer called Syngenta is applying for an “emergency” exemption to the ban. If that exemption is granted, almost one-third of all oilseed rape in the UK could be sprayed with neonicotinoid poison, posing a serious — and potentially fatal — hazard for bees.

If farmers must use pesticides to protect crops, there is no reason they can’t use neonicotinoid-free methods. Defra must make protecting Britain’s bee population a priority. Urge the government to reject Syngenta’s application to use bee-killing pesticides!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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