Don’t Send Pandas to the “Murder Zoo”

Earlier this year, the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark killed a baby giraffe named Marius in cold blood before feeding him to lions. And now, China wants to send two pandas to that place of horror?

Earlier this year, the Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark horrified the world when it killed a baby giraffe named Marius and then fed him to lions in front of children. One month later, it murdered four healthy lions to make room for younger ones. So why has China agreed to lend two pandas to this place of horrors?

Pandas are incredibly rare, gorgeous bears who deserve to be kept in the best conditions possible. While it’s highly unlikely that the Copenhagen Zoo would, say, opt to kill them for no reason save curiosity and overcrowding, it’s still not right for them to be in the care of people who treat animals with such cavalier disrespect.

Plus, given that pandas are such adorable animals, their presence will probably attract a lot of visitors to the park. We shouldn’ t be giving the Copenhagen Zoo any more chances to turn a profit.

This horrible institution doesn’t deserve the chance to house these endangered animals. Ask China to cancel the plans to lend its pandas to the Copenhagen Zoo!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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