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Driving Through Barcelona

Driving through Barcelona and the north of Spain over the weekend I was reminded just how much I enjoyed working in Barcelona several years ago, not least because of how easy it was to travel around the city and the great Hotel In Barcelona that we stayed at, and returned to last July to celebrate my parents 50th wedding anniversary.

There is a lot to be seen in Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain, and of course the capital of Catalonia and home to FC Barcelona and the extremely impressive Camp Nou. Of course the football club is about more than just football having become the symbol for Catalan culture and Catalanism, with the motto “Més que un club” saying it all: More than a club!

I was explaining to my friend that what impressed me most was that in many ways Barcelona was the perfect dual destination vacation, with the benefit of being in a single location. The city is perfect for a short weekend break, or a longer cultural holiday, and the beaches make for a perfect relaxing holiday with great food, and a pretty much perfect climate.

As I said above, it was the ease of travel that most impressed. Driving round the city on the motorway on a Friday afternoon when the Spanish are typically starting to head up north to the weekend homes by the sea we didn’t hit any traffic, roadworks or delays at all, which is more than can be said about the M25 around London which we had the ‘pleasure’ of experiencing pretty much exactly 24 hours later.

How is it that a two lane motorway can move more freely and efficiently than a 4 lane one? Spain is getting some pretty bad press at the moment, much deserved it has to be said (am thinking their attitude to animals for example), but more often than not things just work as they should her in Spain, and traveling around the country as I have been doing a lot recently just reminded me of that!

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