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iTunes Match has seen my long dwindling love affair with Apple come to a rather bitter and acrimonious end. Our relationship has been on the decline since I woke up to the fact that Apple were arrogant bullies, hell bent on imposing their way on you and woe betide you if you had half a brain and wanted to have a degree of flexibility over your technology.

For years the fact the products looked great and were packaged (and promoted sexily) glossed over a relatively poor technology platform.

Anyway back to the issue at hand. DRM music and the fact that with iTunes Match you can re download DRM music that you have previously purchased, and store your music on the Cloud with Apple.

In theory that is!

In the early 2000’s I spent a lot of time in Florida and had a US iTunes account as I had US Bank Account, Credit Card etc.

So over the weekend I wanted to purchase iTunes Match and get DRM free versions of my music so that I could sync with my HTC One Dual SIM (love it so much have bought Sands one as well), using the excellent Double Twist.

I was happy (enough) to pay my $24.99 for iTunes Match even though I had no desire to store my music on the Cloud with Apple (I have enough other cloud storage options that are cheaper and more than enough hard drives to back my music up) but I was unable to purchase iTunes Match for my old US iTunes Account as I no longer have a bank account, credit card or PayPal account in the US. I could purchase a US Gift Card online, but was informed by Apple Support that I couldn’t do it that way as I needed a ongoing means of payment i.e. a bank account, credit card or PayPal account in the US. This was frustrating to say the least as it had actually been the lady on Support who suggested this, so having suggested a solution she then told me it wasn’t a solution!

Long (long) story short: if you have moved country and left your DRM music in an old iTunes Account then Apple take the view that it is just tough and you can re-buy all your music again!

Fortunately Apple Mac Soft don’t share that view and for $39.95 you can buy the excellent DRM Converter for Mac.

After installing it set up a Smart Playlist in iTunes for your Protected AAC audio file music.

You will see this playlist in DRM Converter for Mac so select that Playlist, select all the files, set a destination directory and set the conversion going.

Each individual track takes seconds but if you are converting a lot it takes time and may freeze, but at the end of it you have a perfectly adequate MP3 version of your music.

Delete the original from iTunes and remove from Mac, then add your new files to your Library and heh presto you are good to go.

This will remove the locked icon in DoubleTwist for protected music.

Works for Audible Audiobooks as well, and they have a Video application as well if you need it.

Much better value than the iTunes Match, and it works!!!

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