Dropbox iPhone app ‘almost here’

The makers of the file backup and synchronization service Dropbox have announced that their iPhone application is “almost here.” The software will let you access your Dropbox from the iPhone, view files, save them to your phone, and synchronize photos from your iPhone to your Dropbox.

Dropbox, available for Mac OS X and Windows, provides you with an online repository you can use to backup and archive data or synchronize data between multiple computers. The service depends on client software installed on each computer and an online account — free accounts are available that provide you with 2GB of storage capacity. The service is accessible through a Web browser so you and colleagues can get access to files as long as you have Internet access and a Web browser.

The forthcoming iPhone app’s status was announced with other changes to the service, including a 30 day cap on undo history for free users, and forthcoming performance improvements thanks to a “LAN Sync” feature. (Via Macworld)

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  1. Sound very promising. One of those services I use regularly on all my computers. I love the fact that it is available on windows, mac, and unix platforms.

  2. If you haven’t gotten Dropbox, get it now. Dropbox is a backup tool that lets you sync your files between multiple computers. You simply install the software on all computers you want to sync your files on. Then simply drag and drop your files into a folder that Dropbox software creates on your desktop and voila the files are now also on your other computers. No more need for a usb stick.

    Sync your files online and across computers with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! http://db.tt/dw2gacy

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