Dusky: House Guest

Found this little chap abandoned on the beach a couple of nights ago. Sands carried him home and he didn’t stop purring, although that changed once we got him home and put some food in front of him!

After a couple of nights rest, a lot of good food and a trip to the vets this morning to be checked out and start his course of injections he is full of beans!

Moreno as you can see has been a total star again and befriended him and has been letting him play with his tail. Oscar is cautious but playing, Fleur took one look and ran away, and Saidi hasn’t registered his existence yet.

Cute little fella, we will hold onto him and foster him unless Fleur and Saidi have an issue with him, and then send him on his way to a new home in Germany thanks to Sands and her ALStrays work.

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