eBay: Stop Helping Poachers

Every year, more elephants, tigers, rhinos and other endangered species are slaughtered. And many of those beautiful animals’ body parts end up for sale online.

Every year, more endangered animals such as elephants, tigers and rhinos are brutally slaughtered by poachers. Though these gorgeous creatures’ parts used to end up in the hands of traffickers, an increasing number of them are being offered for sale on auction sites.

The number of native and foreign species being bought, sold and exported has more than doubled since 2008, with bones, skins and animal teeth all regularly traded online. In particular, eBay has been recently caught with ivory and other body parts from endangered animals listed in its inventory.

In theory, eBay forbids the sale of such items. But if it doesn’t take action to crack down on the offenders, the people who murder endangered animals will keep profiting from this violence.

So long as there are venues in which to sell ivory and illegal materials like it, poachers will continue to mercilessly kill endangered animals, strip them of their parts and leave their corpses to rot.

We have to stand up to protect these rare creatures. Demand that eBay take action to stop the online wildlife trade!

You can sign the Care2 petition here

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