Edit your GoPro videos on your TV with Sugarlock

Video has always been an attractive proposition, until it came to the editing (not too bad these days) and the uploading (still a slow and torturous process) which is why we see so many small, unedited clips (or rubbish) on Facebook etc I guess.

I have a GoPro, and I love it, or more accurately I love the idea of it, especially on our ALStrays Pet Transports, but I seldom get round to uploading and editing the raw footage.

So I was particularly interested to read the Engadget Post from CES about the Sugarlock “action cam dock”

Stick a memory card in Sugarlock and all your videos appear by organized by date. The user interface on the TV is clean and simple, and you navigate using your phone as a remote (via an app). Video previews play when you select a clip, and a simple tap will bring that video up full screen for playback.

During the demo I received at CES, we were able to, navigate, find and share a clip in less than a minute. The process is simple: choose one, find the bit you want to share, mark your in and out edit points with a swipe gesture, and you’re done. Choose the share option, and your clip is sent to Facebook (and at release, a host of other social platforms). The product I got to see was the final hardware, but the software was missing some of the features that will be available when it launches.

The box itself is about six-inches square, by an inch-or-so high — comparable to an Apple TV. In fact, you might argues it’s a mini PC, but with a single task. The specification of which we don’t know, but it’s capable of handling 4K footage, which is probably all most people need to know. It connects to your TV over HDMI, and you feed it your media either by SD card, or USB drive. The retail version will also auto archive your media, but that’s not a feature I got to see in my demo. Previews and videos viewed through the box will be in full HD, even if the clip is 4K. There are some technical issues that prevent 4K previewing, but any edits / cuts will preserve the original resolution.

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