Elephants Betrayed in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is home to many threatened animal species including elephants and leopards. But the government official who is charged with protecting them is suspected of playing a part in eco crimes for his own profit.

Sri Lanka is home to an amazing variety of wildlife including elephants, the sloth bear and a vast array of butterflies, bats and frogs. An incredibly high percentage of its wildlife and fauna can only be found in this island country. But the government official who oversees the protection of Sri Lanka’s nature reserves hasn’t been doing his job.

Gamini Vijith Vijayamuni de Zoysa was appointed Sri Lanka’s Minister of Wildlife Resources and Conservation in 2013 after serving as the Deputy Minister of Education. In only a short time, people have been raising concerns about conflicts of interest.

The Minister has been linked to the kidnapping of wild elephants for temple and tourist use. Under him, hotels and roads have been constructed inside national parks, protected wetlands and even world heritage sites. Meanwhile, no actions have been taken to build new national parks and protect forest reserves.

Every year, 200 elephants are illegally killed in Sri Lanka — and no one has yet to be arrested or convicted.

Sri Lanka needs a Minister of Wildlife Resources and Conservation who can do everything necessary to preserve its rare wildlife and environmental treasures. Tell Gamini Zoysa to vacate his post due to conflicts of interest.

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