EU may make us put out SIX bins every week in bid to make households recycle more

Anybody from the EU ever been to the UK? Where do they think a typical household will actually put six rubbish bins?

The new legislation from Brussels scheduled for January will order councils that recycling should be separated up when collected.

This means glass, paper, tin cans and plastics will have to be put into separate bins to avoid contamination and ensure they are properly recycled. This will be on top of general waste and garden collections.

According to Veolia, the company that collects or sorts rubbish for a third of the UK population, the regulations are likely to force councils to place more bins outside every home.Source

A YouGov poll has suggested 69 per cent of people are not prepared to separate rubbish into more than four bins.

The poll found that 94 per cent of the 2,500 respondents said recycling was important – but only 12 per cent considered having six or more bins reasonable.

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