EU Referendum

In or Out, Stay or Go, Stick or Bust ….. call it what you want the reality is that whichever way the UK decides on the 23rd June it will be a gamble: if we stay it will be with a re-negotiated agreement that nobody knows how it will exactly work, if we leave it will be a step into the unknown for everybody.

Lots of soundbites being thrown around, but I think the real message/decision has got somewhat lost.

Years ago I was involved as the Franchisor in a Franchise business. The view that I came to very quickly regards the Franchisees was that they wanted to believe they were business men, entrepreneurs, risk takers, but in reality they didn’t have the skill/knowledge/experience to go it alone, they needed the safety net, the experience, support and leadership of a Franchisor.

Within their own circle they were business people, but in the wider world they wouldn’t last if they went alone.

Which is how I see the UK and the EU. We should be strong enough to ‘go it alone’, we should have the confidence, the skill, the experience, and the leadership to forge new relationships and markets, but do we? Do we trust and respect ‘our leaders’ the MP’s of the UK to provide us with those skills?

I don’t!

So while I would love to say that a No vote would give us back the controls that we so desperately need, I am far from convinced that we would do enough with those controls given the idiots that lead the country.

More of the same? Better the devil? Stick or bust …..

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