EU’s top court may define obesity as a disability

The EU’s top court is considering a test case which could oblige employers to treat obesity as a disability.

What total rubbish!

I expect those with a genuine disability will (quite rightly) be dismayed by this article on the BBC site.

I do not wish to offend those with genuine medical reasons as to their obesity, but lets face it: we are fat because we are lazy, eat too much, exercise too little and have been sold the ‘dream’ by the marketing people that we should spend spend spend on food.

Ironically the obese just put more effort into being lazy and eating and not exercising.

May be simple but I see obesity as an addiction (to being lazy, eating too much and not exercising) and like any addiction you can only start to address it when you admit it.

Pandering to the obese in this way is not helping them (remember tough love) and is nothing less than derogatory to those with genuine disabilities.

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